It’s almost difficult to imagine a life without doctors, medicines & health checkups. Either we, our family or relatives are in need of healthcare support most of the times. Considering the need & demand of people from Delhi NCR, the foundation of KEMS Healthcare was laid during 2017.

The founder of KEMS Healthcare, Mr. Anurudra Hardainiya has a diverse experience of working with various hospitals & healthcare professionals across Delhi NCR. While he was working in the HR department of the hospital, he understood the need for doctors in the hospitals. He analyzedit as one of the biggest opportunities & started his own firm, KEMS (Kanahika Entire Medical Solution). The company maintained its vision towards providing the best doctors to the topmost hospitals of Delhi NCR. Mr. Anurudra is also a lawyer so his approach towards facing any challenges or problems is quite different. His passion & dedication towards growing KEMS was at peak during the COVID phase where the whole world was striving for healthcare professionals. In such a pandemic, KEMS promised the hospitals of Delhi NCR to provide doctors when and wherever required. Along with it, KEMS also expanded towards sending nurses & healthcare professionals for providing urgent healthcare support at homes. The home healthcare service proved to be a milestone in the success of KEMS during the COVID phase.

Now KEMS has established deep trust among all the top notch hospitals of Delhi NCR & there is a wide team of more than 100 doctors currently. The doctors can also connect with KEMS to get the best opportunities. The team at KEMS has expanded its horizon towards Preventive Healthcare & Home Healthcare services too where anyone can avail the health benefits from KEMS. To serve the patients across India, KEMS is coming up with an App to provide the quick doctor consultation facility. This has in turn given the facility for doctors to connect and provide consultation to the patients. The App is going for its pilot phase & seeing the response from the market some more facilities will be integrated into it.

Offering the greatest health advantages to those in need is Mr. Anurudra Hardainiya’s objective. The entire team at KEMS is aligned towards his mission. KEMS has achieved its remarkable achievement in the last couple of years & is expecting to grow it at a faster pace in the coming years!