The Omicron variant is recognised as a variant of concern by WHO, which is fatal for life, its impacts are of higher intensity as it has several mutations that decides its behaviour. The spreading rate of a virus allows it to undergo multiple mutations that further gives birth to a pandemic.

Hence, the first step towards a better life is by stopping or controlling the spread of this virus for which people should get vaccinated as soon as possible and maintain the safety protocols like physical distancing, wearing mask, regular handwashing and keeping indoor areas well ventilated. The Omicron variant is spreading very rapidly and has already transformed into a Global Pandemic. It is highly advised that all the variants of COVID-19 should be treated as equally sever that can cause major disease or death.

The Omicron variant is more contagious and has taken a global shape faster than the Delta variant. However, taking necessary precautions like wearing mask, avoiding crowded space, staying sanitized and washing hands can save life and reduce its transmission in the community. Research has shown that people who are mixing with others are more likely to get affected.

Medical experts are still researching on the usefulness of the vaccine and it is more likely believed that the severeness of the omicron and other variants are reduced if the people are vaccinated. Hence, vaccination will not only reduce the intensity but will also save you from the other deadly variants.  With this pandemic that has stuck and has affected at a global level, people are very conscious about the preventive measures that can save their families and loved ones. As a part of precautionary measure people should follow some of the most important things to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. One should make sure to:

  • Wear mask and cover nose with mask properly.
  • Wash hands regularly and maintain a distance of at least 1 metre
  • Avoid going to crowded or poorly ventilated places
  • Open windows to improve ventilations
  • Take proper dose of vaccination

Another very important aspect of safety is to educate the children at their home, it is complicated for kids to understand and comprehend the fact of not going out, not going to school or meeting their friends. At such a tender age kid easily get affected with the negative aura of this virus. But they have full right to know the truth, hence parents and elders should take time to explain the kids about this deadly virus and educate them on the safety protocols.

  • One should try to talk to the children about what they heard about this pandemic.
  • A proper explanation about the pandemic should be given, and guardians/elders should clarify any wrong or false ideas if any.

Children should be engaged and helped in reducing the fear that prevails around them